Secret Drive Soldiers Crazy on “God of Victory”

Recently on several online community forums, captured images from an episode of MBC “God of Victory” were posted with the title, “Secret Jeon Hyosung‘s Effects on Korea’s National Defense.” The posted entry shows images of Jeon Hyosung from the last of episode of “God of Victory,” competing against Kara for the title of “the Most Popular Girl Group Among Soldiers.” 

Hyosung performed a powerful dance stage to Beyonce‘s songs. Soldiers in the audience were going wild at Hyosung’s glamorous body, uncontainable sexiness, and powerful dance. After Hyosung’s provocative dance stage, Secret performed their most recent single “Poison” together. The signature dance from “Poison,” where all members squat a bit with their legs spread, brought out the most excitement and craze from the audience. As a result, Secret won the title of the most popular girll group among soldiers. 

Netizens commented, “Those soldiers look like they are about to cry,” “Don’t you think Hyosung’s sexy dance is a little too provocative to be aired on TV when children are watching?” and “Is that what joining the military does to you? Going crazy after a female idol like that?”