LeeSsang to Resign from Variety Shows and Focus on Music

On September 21, Leessang‘s Gary made a brief and yet very important announcement on his twitter, “I am going to stop appearing in variety shows to focus more on running Leessang Company and music performances. I would like to apologize for the lack of previous signs or warnings. I am really sorry.” 

On the same day, members of MBC “Infinity Challenge” notified fans and viewers that “Super 7 Concert,” which was originally scheduled on November 24 and 25, has been cancelled on the official website of Leessang company. Members of “Infinity Challenge” wrote, “We failed to realize the bigger and more important things because we were all consumed by the idea of quality. Our lack of experience ended up disappointing and confusing so many of you, who has been supporting us for so long. We would like to deeply and sincerely apologize.” They added, “We decided last night that it is the best not to go with an idea that makes our dear viewers feel uncomfortable.”

Along with the cancellation of “Super 7 Concert” and Gary’s resignation from variety shows, Gil also posted a long apology letter online taking full responsibilities regarding “Super 7 Concert” issue and resigning from “Infinity Challenge.”