SISTAR’s Soyu Flaunts Her Beauty in a Hanbok

On September 20, SISTAR‘s Soyu posted a picture of herself on SISTAR’s official twitter and commented, “My last name is Hong and first name Shi~ I look like Hong Shi (ripe persimmon)! I am filming a KBS lunar thanksgiving special show with Bora right now. It airs on October 1.”

The revealed picture shows Soyu wearing a beautiful hanbok in a traditional Korean palanquin decorated with floral prints. Her hanbok consists of orange top with green sleeve ends and pastel light blue colored skirt. She placed her hands on her knee, looking elegant and traditional, and yet still appearing sexy with her candidly flowing hair and puckered up lips. 

Netizens commented on Soyu’s traditional lunar thanksgiving outfit, “Soyu’s sexy even when she’s just sitting down,” “Your hanbok indeed reminds me of a delicious ripe persimmon,” and “Hong Shi!! This is hilarious!”