TOP Takes Pictures with Fellow Actors of “Classmate”

Actor Kwak Min Seok from KBS “You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly” and MBC “Arang the Magistrate” revealed a picture of himself with Big Bang‘s TOP.

On September 21, Kwan Min Seok posted a couple pictures and commented on twitter, “With our hero TOP of film ‘Classmate‘ and the best supporting actor Kim Min Jae. Now I understand why people go wild over him after spending some time with him. And as one of the actors in filming, let me say something! This is the movie you could anticipate.”

The revealed pictures show Kwak Min Seok with TOP and Kim Min Jae. While Kwak Min Seok and TOP are taking a picture, Kim Min Jae is in the back doing the dishes. He later joined the two for the second picture. TOP looks like a true teenage heartthrob with his short school boy haircut. Although there has been some controversies regarding the resignation of the executive director of “Classmate,” all actors, including TOP, started filming again. 

Netizens commented, “I’m really looking forward to this movie,” “It’s really hard for an actor to compliment a singer on his acting… this is awesome,” and “I’m really excited to see TOP’s transformation in ‘Classmate.'”