JYPE and Sun Ye Put Wedding Rumors to Rest

Rumors of Wonder Girls Sun Ye‘s approaching marriage surfaced on several news portals.

Sun Ye’s agency, JYP Entertainment dismissed the rumors as a representative told the press, “Rumors of Sun Ye getting married are unfounded. As of now, there are absolutely no plans of the kind. Sun Ye is entirely focused on the Wonder Girls’ Asia tour.”

Rumor had it that Sun Ye was to marry her Korean-Canadian boyfriend in October.

Following the articles mentioning her marriage, Sun Ye came forward and tweeted, “I wanted to let you know that my rumored marriage of next month isn’t true. I know that people have been blessing our relationship with kind words. As I said when I first revealed our relationship, whenever there is something I feel that I should share with you all, I will definitely when the time comes.^^ Thank you for supporting us! Have a good night.^^”

Last year, the Wonder Girls member revealed her relationship to the world on SBS‘s “Strong Heart.” She expressed, “I slightly violated the red light, but I wanted to share the good news with you all and receive your congratulatory wishes. The truth is that I’ve been dating someone for the past few months.” She recently said on a variety program, “If I were to get married, I could go to Haiti and spend my life there.”