Suzy: “I Hated Home So I Saved It As ‘Prison’ On My Cellphone”

Miss A’s Suzy shared how she hurt her mom in the past.

On the September 22 broadcast of KBS’s variety show “Invincible Youth 2,” Suzy said, “When I was young, I really liked to hang out and spend time with my friends.”

She explained, “After a certain time, someone from home would call asking when I would come back so I named it as ‘prison.’ I bragged about it to mom, but she cried. At that moment I realized, ‘Ah, this is not it. I must’ve been out of my mind.’”

Lee Young Ja, one of the MCs of the show, grabbed Suzy’s hair after hearing her explanation and said, “(Suzy’s) Mom, Suzy’s out of her mind” bringing laughter to the members and staff. Suzy responded, “I’m so sorry.”

In other news, Suzy participated in the music video with fellow labelmates Wooyoung and Taecyeon from 2pm and Park Jin Young, which was released on September 16.