Infinite’s Hoya: “I Dropped Out of High School To Pursue My Dream As A Singer”

On September 24, Infinite’s Hoya and APink’s Jung Eun Ji made a guest appearance on the news channel YTN’s “News 12- Issue & People” regarding their roles in “Answer Me 1997.”

One of the anchors directed a question at Hoya, “How do you feel wearing a high school uniform again?” He responded, “I dropped out of high school during the first year in order to pursue my dream as a singer. I never regretted it, but I did feel a sense of loss.”

He went on, “I was able to wear a high school uniform and spend time with friends while acting in the drama. I’m happy and feel like I received a little bit of compensation through this experience. I auditioned after I dropped out and ended up in the current agency.”

Hoya played the role of Kang Joon Hee in the drama “Answer Me 1997,” which earned a special mention for drawing much public interest as a cable drama.

Soompiers, do you think it was a smart move for Hoya? Or was his sacrifice worth it?