Ryu Shi Won: “I Won’t Leave You, My Child”

Singer and actor Ryu Shi Won displayed his deep affections for his daughter. He recently changed the status on his KaoKao talk profile (author’s note: it’s a popular free-text application available on smartphones and other devices with internet access).

It reads “I love you, Hyun Suh darling. I will never leave you. My child.” He previously posted a picture of him and Hyun Suh with the caption “I love you Hyun Suh darling. I will win everything for you…”

Ryu Shi Won is currently in the midst of a divorce lawsuit. He married Jo Soo In on October 2010, who is 10 years younger. He revealed that she’s pregnant during the wedding announcement and their daughter was born in Spring 2011.

However, the wife has filed for a divorce this past March to the shock of many fans. He previously explained why he didn’t want to go into further detail, for his daughter’s sake.