Leessang’s Gary Is Weak In The Knees After Hugging Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Leessang’s Gary couldn’t hide his smile when he had the opportunity to hug Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon.

On September 23, SBS’s popular variety program “Running Man” aired the episode where Taeyeon made a guest appearance. The “Running Man” crew and guests were in the midst of a “Gather In Numbers” game where the person in charge calls out a number and the groups try to gather said number of people or else become eliminated.

Haha called out “2 people!” and Gary and Taeyeon found their ways into each other’s warm embrace. Gary tried his best to hold in his smile, but failed miserably giving out from being so weak in the knees.

Gary explained, “Ah, I was so nervous. Because of Taeyeon.” Gwang Soo retorted, “I mean, why couldn’t you just think of the game innocently.” Gary responded, “Whew, I’m going to take a quick break” so he could cool off his head.

Netizens who witnessed the encounter commented, “Gary and Taeyeon hugs… Gary’s lucky,” “As a Gary fan, I’m jealous of Taeyeon,” “Gary’s reaction is super cute”

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