Secret’s Hyosung: “A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji is Pretty But I Have More Charm”

Secret‘s Jun Hyosung and A Pink‘s Jung Eun Ji have been garnering attention for their striking resemblance to one another.

On the episode of “Beatles Code 2” that aired on September 24, MC Shin Dong showed a couple of photos that compared Hyosung and Eun Ji together. Their similarities were so uncanny that the entire studio gasped in surprise.

Then Hyosung started off with, “I hear that we look a like really often.” Then she continued, “I think Jung Eun Ji’s face is way prettier than mine. But I think I have more charm,” as she shly smiled, revealing her confidence. Then, Yoo Sae Yoon of UV quickly shouted, “I’m for Hyosung,” revealing his fandom, which made everyone laugh.

However, Hyosung has recently lost a lot of weight and returned with a more sexy image whereas Eun Ji has more of a cute appeal. Hyosung commented, “After I lost weight, my fans said, ‘We’re so disappointed. This is the first time we’re turned off by a female celebrity because she lost weight.'”
Then, comedian Yoo Sang Moo jokingly said, “You’re much prettier now. Before, your face was so huge but now your face is as small as a fist.”

Meanwhile, Zinger also shared her stories of her 7kg weight loss and how she even fainted during her hardcore dieting. Hyosung also shows off her bare foot during the episode and Han Sunhwa reveals that she is attracted to middle-aged men.