Haha on “Infinity Challenge” and Gil: “It’s Pointless If We’re Not Together”

Entertainer Haha has sent his message of support and comfort in regards to the controversy surrounding the “Super 7 Concert” cancellation and other “Infinity Challenge” issues such as LeeSsang Gil‘s departure.

On September 23, Haha tweeted, “It was a heart-aching week.”

Haha continued, “Just as [Jung] Joon Ha hyung said, we all need prayer. I ask that you send prayers of support and comfort so we can all be together. Because it becomes ‘us’ when we’re together. If we’re not together, it is pointless. I ask that you give your prayers and support so we can continue to be a ‘we.'”

In addition, Haha said, “I won’t ever make anyone feel lonely again. I have so much to say and I kept typing and erasing. But I believe that my true heart will get through to you all. I’m going to say ‘fighting!’ one more time,” and “No one should get hurt. No one will die! Everyone. Us too! Fighting! Everyone. Please pray for us.”

Controversy surrounded the “Infinity Challenge” members and the LeeSsang Company regarding the “Super 7 Concert” tickets and concert time. As soon as these issues arose, the concert was cancelled and both Gil and Gary decided to depart from their respective variety programs, “Infinity Challenge” and “Running Man.”

Because of these issues, Jung Joon Ha also tweeted, “Everyone. Please pray for us,” and asked for fans’ support.