Secret’s Hyosung: “I Own ‘Bagels’ You Won’t Find in Korea”

Secret’s Hyosung described her body as owning “bagels” not found in Korea. In a recent recording for MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” all four Secret members made a guest appearance to promote their “Poison” album.

During the episode, the girls were asked which member is the most popular among male idols. But prior to answering the question, Secret members were given a chance to first publicize and brag about their personal strengths.

“I’m an idol with teeth and gums that Koreans don’t have,” Hyosung said, and added, “I also own ‘bagels’ not found in Korea.”

Hyosung’s comment was of course in reference to her “bagel body,” a word created by K-Pop fans and given to celebrities that own a baby face and glamorous body (“baby face” + “glamorous,” hence “bagel).

Following Hyosung’s aggressive “marketing tactics,” other Secret members are also reported to have made comments that will shock many viewers.

The full episode of the show will air on September 26 at 6PM. Make sure you catch the show!