Ga In Avoids Dark Eyeliner As “Innocent Tinkerbell” In Video Teaser

Ga In, the youngest member from Brown Eyed Girls, released a video teaser for the track “Tinkerbell” from her soon-to-be released 2nd album “Talk About S.”

In the teaser, she takes on a role of a tinkerbell who follows and waits for one man every night. She easily portrays both an innocent and dark tinkerbell. What’s surprising is that Ga In isn’t wearing her trademark dark eyeliner when she portrays an innocent tinkerbell and looks much younger than her known image.

The 30 second teaser captivates the listener combining Ga In’s expressive presence on screen and the mix of acoustic guitar and stylistically using her breathing within the song. The lyrics expresses her curiosity waiting for that one man.

In other news, Ga In will release a video teaser every day at 10am (KST) until September 28.

Soompiers, are you excited for Gain’s comeback?