SHINee’s Onew: “I Fell in Love with Lee Na Young at First Sight”

SHINee’s Onew held a special photo shoot for fashion magazine, Singles, and talked about his ideal type of woman.

Unlike his cute and sweet image on TV, Onew impressed the magazine staff by taking a complete transformation, giving the perfect charismatic “autumn guy” concept for the shoot. After the photo shoot was over, Onew sat down with Singles for an exclusive interview, where he was asked to talk about his ideal woman.

“I fell in love with Lee Na Young at first sight, after watching her on MBC ‘Infinite Challenge,’” Onew said. “I like girls who express their love for me,” Onew added, as he went on to mention Kim Jung Nan, the actress from SBS “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” for choosing him as her favorite idol star.

You can read the full interview in the October issue of Singles Magazine. We’ll keep you posted when the magazine becomes available!