miss A members Suzy, Jia, Fei, and Min Catch Attention on the Street

Photographs of miss A members Jia, Min, Fei, and Suzy hanging out have been posted online. 

Recently, on an online community bulletin board, the photographs were posted with the title: “Walking along the street, met Suzy.”

In the photographs, miss A members Jia, Min, Fei, and Suzy are walking along the street in comfortable clothes. They appear to be shopping and hanging out like regular girls. The girls were all wearing flats, and so Suzy stood out as the tallest member.

Netizens who viewed the photographs commented: “As opposed to stick-thin girl groups, miss A has the best bodies,” “They are overflowing with health,” “With innocent faces, the girls have a reverse charm,” “Miss A girls are so pretty,” “There’s a reason that Suzy is the nation’s trend as the nation’s first love.”