After School member Uee’s Fantastic S-Line is Shown in CF Publicity Photographs

Photographs of After School member Uee’s fantastic S-line have been posted online.

Recently, on an online community bulletin board, the photographs of Uee’s long and lean figure were posted with the title “Photoshop? Uee’s dignity.” The photographs were publicity photographs taken for a food CF that Uee had filmed. 

The photographs show Uee in different outfits and showing off various dance moves. Uee’s long slim legs and pretty smile were highlighted. Netizens could not help but note how sexy Uee was in hot pants and a short dress.

Netizens who viewed the photographs responded: “Uee’s figure gives off a lustrous glow,” “Uee’s face is cute but her body isn’t cute (it’s sexy), she’s so lucky,” “Uee is so sexy,” “Her body is great.”

Recently, Uee was confirmed in the female lead role of Princess Hong Mu Yeon in the upcoming KBS drama “Jeon Woo Chi with Cha Tae Hyun playing the titular role of Jeon Woo Chi.