Secret’s Han Sun Hwa: “Kwanghee’s Dad Preferred Kara’s Nicole As A Daughter-in-Law”

Han Sun Hwa is currently a couple with ZE:A’s Kwanghee on the 4th season of MBC’s popular variety show “We Got Married” and had a chance to share her thoughts about the experience through an interview.

She revealed that Kwanghee’s father wanted Kara’s Nicole to be Kwanghee’s wife instead. Han Sun Hwa had an opportunity to give her Chuseok greetings and addressed her father-in-law, “Father, don’t be so disappointed. Even though I don’t look like Nicole nor rap like her, I will do my best to help Kwanghee so he can become a great man” causing the other Secret members to giggle.

She explained about how she became a part of the show. “I went to the ‘We Got Married’ meetings quite a few times before. I made a cameo during Nichkhun and Victoria’s segment and also participated as a panelist… but didn’t think that I’d actually be a part of the show.”

The reporter asked about her thoughts regarding Kwanghee as her husband. “My company said, ‘We want Sunhwa to be paired with a male actor,’ but after hearing that Kwanghee was being discussed, they seriously asked me, “Are you confident?’” Sun Hwa laughed.

She further explained, “Even though the result was much different from what my company planned, it actually worked out for the better. Kwanghee oppa is really cool and it probably would’ve been a burden if it was an actor. It’s most likely because Kwanghee and I participated in variety programs together often, but he’s able to help me often.”

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