Infinite’s Hoya: “Yoo Seung Joon Inspired Me to Become a Singer”

On September 24, news channel YTN invited tvN “Answer Me 1997” co-stars A Pink‘s Eunji and Infinite‘s Hoya to YTN “News 12 – Issue and People” for detailed interviews about “Answer Me 1997” and their positions as acting idols. In this episode of “News and People,” Hoya garnered attention for mentioning the legendary and yet unfortunate star from the 90s, Yoo Seung Jun‘s name.

He was asked, “who is your favorite idol from the 90s?” Hoya answered, “I first saw Yoo Seung Joon on TV when I was about 7 or 8 years old. That’s when I first realized that I want to be a singer just like him. I bought Yoo Seung Joon’s collector’s cards from stationary stores and took those cards with me everywhere.” 

Meanwhile, Eunji picked legendary singer Kim Gun Mo as her favorite 90s idol. She commented, “I’m a huge fan of Kim Gun Mo. When I first bought my mini cassette player as a child, the very first song I listened to was Kim Gun Mo’s.”