Psy Returns to Korea, Immobilizes Airport

Psy returned to Korea on September 24, at 4:20am through Incheon International Airport. Approximately 100 fans and reporters gathered at the airport. When he appeared through the gate, fans welcomed him with loud roar. Psy only briefly stayed at the airport for about 5 minutes to say greetings and tried to move along, but had a hard time due to a large number of people surrounding him. 

Psy shyly smiled in front of the throng of reporters and thanked them. He said, “I know it’s really early in the morning. Thank you all for coming out to greet me. I’ve accomplished much in the past three weeks in the United States. Thank you all for supporting me.” He added before leaving the airport, “To be honest, I was worried about not accomplishing anything in the States, but I’m happy since I think I’ve gotten a lot more out of it than I had originally expected to. I will talk about the details at the press conference.” 

Psy released “Gangnam Style” on July 15 and instantly became a world-wide phenomenon. The music video of “Gangnam Style” reached 250 million clicks on YouTube within 72 days of its release. Currently, the song has been ranked at the top of US iTunes chart for 11 days and also has taken over British iTunes chart, too. Psy also reached 11th place on the Billboard’s Hot chart, setting a new record as a K-pop artist. 

During his three-week long stay in the United States, Psy appeared on numerous TV shows on major network channels like CNN, ABC, and NBC, mesmerizing the US fans. Psy is scheduled to have a press conference in Seoul on September 25 at 3pm to discuss his career in the US and other future plans.