IU Snaps a Photo with Child Actor Park Ji Bin

Child actor Park Ji Bin revealed a picture with IU on twitter on September 25. He commented on the picture, “At IU’s concert on Sunday. She sings well, dances well, and talks well. I covered my face because I don’t look good. Now that it’s covered, it looks better.” 

The revealed photo shows IU and Park Ji Bin, with his face covered with a round, yellow character’s face, posing for the camera together, signaling V with their hands. Upon having the picture posted online, IU responded, “Taking a step back to stand behind you for this picture was so worth it.” Park Ji Bin complained humorously in return, “This picture is a scam. Only you look good, too good.” 

Netizens commented on this friendly picture and interaction, “I didn’t know that IU was older than Park Ji Bin,” “It would have been better if Park Ji Bin didn’t cover his face,” and “IU is so cute.”