SISTAR’s Dasom: “It Wasn’t A Butt Padding, But A Wireless Mic”

Dasom speaks up about the butt padding scandal.

On the episode of SBS “Strong Heart” that aired on September 25, Dasom was part of the guest list and had the opportunity to reveal the truth regarding the padding incident.

She explained, “I was performing at a concert abroad and had the wireless mic in my back pocket while I was walking on stage. I must’ve walked powerfully or something because the mic fell down. But for some reason someone wrote ‘Butt padding fell from Dasom’s behind’ afterwards.”

She slightly bragged, “To be honest, I don’t need something like that” causing laughter in the studio.

Soompiers, it’s always sad to hear when celebrities are wrongly accused. What are some incidents you recall where people have made wrong judgements of some celebrities?