Forbes: PSY Could Be the Next Justin Bieber or the Next Rebecca Black

On September 25, Forbes Magazine published an interesting article questioning whether PSY would be able to sustain his global popularity that started from his viral hit music video, “Gangnam Style.”

The writer, Dorothy Pomerantz, who’s also in charge of the Forbes’ Celebrity 100 List, argued that YouTube has seen countless “one-hit-wonders” in the past and that PSY should be careful not to follow the same path as Rebecca Black, the singer behind the “Friday” video that generated over 30 million clicks on YouTube.

“Her ‘Friday’ video got 30 million views on YouTube and for a moment, she was everywhere. Now, she’s hopefully back in school and living a more normal teenage life,” she wrote.

Dorothy added, “Viral video fame isn’t the same as being a big pop star, especially when it comes to earning,” and said that PSY will have to produce really good pop songs in English to sustain his success in the U.S.

“If (Scooter) Braun can help him churn out some more pop hits (in English) and if he can come up with some more cool dance moves and another great video, he might just make it,” she said.

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