Orange Caramel’s Nana Melts Hearts With 4 Set Combo Pics

Orange Caramel’s Nana is not helping with the summer heat.

On September 25, she has released pictures of herself on me2day with the comment, “Took selcas. To the people of Changwon and to everyone who came to Changwon. Everyone good night.”

In the pictures, Nana tries to perfect the ulzzang pose while never failing to smile at the camera. Her long blonde hair is set in gentle waves and her make up emphasized her beautiful eyes and a touch of blush brought out her femininity. The lighting gives a nice touch, blending well with the colors within the picture.

Netizens who saw the pictures praised, “This is just like Orange Caramel’s goddess,” “She’s getting prettier by the day,” “Nana looks best in blonde hair.”

In other news, Orange Caramel (a subunit of After School) is currently promoting their newest track “Lipstick.”

Soompiers, what do you think of her look? Where did the orange eyebrows go?