“Infinity Challenge” and “Running Man” Cancel Shoot Due to Gil and Gary’s Absence

Both “Infinity Challenge” and “Running Man” have canceled their shoots due to Gil and Gary‘s absence on the shows. It is reported that staff and cast members of the show are persuading the LeeSsang duo to come back.

“Infinity Challenge” shoots every Thursday of the week. They were planning on filming for an episode with a new theme on September 27 but ended up postponing it. Sources from MBC said, “At the end of a long dilemma, the staff and cast members decided not to go through with the September 27 shoot. There’s a possibility that we might shoot on September 29, but it isn’t confirmed. There’s a big chance that things will resume to normal next week.”

Previously, Gil announced his departure from the show due to the controversy around the “Super 7” concert. Another source from MBC said, “Each ‘Infinity Challenge’ member and the staff team are trying to convince Gil not to leave. Many think that if Gil takes responsibility for everything and leaves the show, then the show will lose its meaning.”

This week’s “Running Man” shoot has also been canceled. “Running Man” shoots take place on Mondays. If there’s a lot to shoot, it moves onto the next day. Recording sessions for “Running Man” for September 24-25 were scheduled but did not happen.

A “Running Man” source said, “We did not go through with the September 24-25 shoot. We still have a lot of recordings from the past so it won’t have a huge impact on the broadcast.”

The “Super 7” concert was criticized for its ticket price and the time slot, which would have overlapped with “Infinity Challenge.” Since the LeeSsang Company took charge for the concert, Gil and Gary announced their departures from their respective variety shows.

We hope that all the problems will be resolved soon and that Gil and Gary can return ASAP!