CNBLUE Greets Everyone a Happy Chuseok

Heart throbs CNBLUE sent out a video greeting to fans today for Chuseok .

The foursome wished everyone a happy Chuseok holiday, urged everyone to eat delicious food without caring about dieting, and finally to spend a good time with family.

Check out the translations below!

CNLBUE: Hi, this is CNBLUE.

Jungshin: It’s almost time for Chuseok.

Jonghyun: Yes, Chuseok.

Min Hyuk: We hope you will all have an awesome holiday together with family.

Yonghwa: During Chuseok, do not worry about dieting, and have a lot of delicious food and look after your health so you will be ready when the holiday ends. We will have a good time for Chuseok as well. Happy Chuseok everyone!

CNBLUE : It was CNBLUE. Thank You. Merry Chuseok!

Meanwhile, CNBLUE is scheduled to hold their Japanese tour “CNBLUE Arena Tour 2012 COME ON” starting October 6.