G-Dragon is going to Infinity Challenge and Beyond

On September 26, Big Bang member and solo artist G-Dragon posted a picture of himself on his Twitter account with the following words: “Sp Sp Spoiler! I’m revealing my Infinity Challenge Corporation interview ticket.”

In the photograph, G-Dragon shows a suave genteel appearance that still maintains his flamboyant style. G-Dragon’s hair is in a smooth coif and the solo artist is wearing a black blazer with a white undershirt with a huge white bow (cravat?). G-Dragon also has a serious expression on his face. The ticket says that on the day of the interview, he must bring this ticket with him. 

Fans who saw the picture commented: “G-Dragon is so cute!” “I love G-Dragon!” “What is G-Dragon going to be doing on Infinity Challenge?” “Why does G-Dragon need a ticket?”