BoA: “I Thought About Distancing Myself From Music”

Making headlines as a young girl who could sing and dance, BoA has already grown up before our eyes. SBS’s “E! Celebrity News” had a chance to have her for an interview.

You composed and also wrote the lyrics for this album’s title track “Only One.” This is the first time that a song you wrote has been released as a title track.
BoA: “This song was originally not a title track, but the arrangement was nicely done and the recording came out well. Founder Lee Soo Man decided that it should be the title track after listening to it. I wondered whether the song would be appropriate for the summer season. But thankfully there was a good response.”

To be honest, when I first looked at the lyrics describing the delicate details of a breakup I wondered whether you wrote from your personal experience.
BoA: “I received that question a lot, but it’s not based on personal experience. It’s something anyone can relate with and ponder about.”

As one gets older, his or her thoughts and actions become more mature. I think getting older affects the maturity of the artist’s work.
BoA: “The person who becomes older doesn’t really realize that he or she has become older. I think that as I see more, feel more and learn more, my horizons expand.”

How do you feel preparing for your album as you were on “K-Pop Star” as a judge?
BoA: “Half air, half sound. I kept thinking about this phrase while I was recording. (Laugh) That’s why I would randomly ask ‘I’m using half air, half sound, right?’ We don’t personally use all the advices we’ve given to the contestants. Every person was born with different sounds and therefore should use techniques that best fits them.”

Have you ever thought about leaving the entertainment industry?
BoA: “Rather than leaving, I thought about distancing myself from music and experience it as a consumer. I want to travel around the world before I’m 30. It’s probably impossible. (Laugh) I REALLY want to travel.”

Soompiers, what career do you think BoA would’ve had if she decided not to be a singer?

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