Mnet M! Countdown – September 27, 2012

Secret‘s seductive retro sound, or G-Dragon‘s colourful party track? These were the two who went head-to-head for the #1 spot tonight on M! Countdown. G-Dragon managed to come out on top and win, but was unfortunatley unable to attend.

Tonight’s performances included: B.A.P, Nep, Tasty, FT Island, Orange Caramel, U-Kiss, BBde Girl, Soran, BTOB, SPICA, Navi, Baek A Yeon, A-ble, ZE:A, Two X, T-ara, Secret, Mighty Mouth, KARA.

Secret “Poison”

KARA “Pandora”

FT Island “I Wish”

Orange Caramel “Lipstick”

Mighty Mouth “Times like this”

Special stage – Soran

Two X “Double Up”

A-ble “Mystery”

Navi “Don’t go”