Plastic Surgeons Rank Kara Members Beauty in Order

The upcoming episode of MBC Music “All the K-Pop” features Kara and 100 plastic surgeons, doctors, and nurses from Chungdam-dong, the so-called mecca of Korean beauty for having numerous plastic surgery hospitals. The 100 doctors and nurses in the audience ranked Kara members’ beauty in order.

Park Gyuri came in first. Many plastic surgeons commented, “Park Gyuri has the golden ratio of facial features. The shapes and ratios between her eyes, nose, and mouth is the most ideal of all Kara members.” Some surgeons added, “I’ve had patients who asked me to make them look like Gyuri.” Gyuri accepted such results naturally, as she has been referring to herself as “goddess” since debut. She commented, “I guess all that brainwashing since my debut was worth it.” 

Han Seung Yeon came in second after Park Gyuri. Many surgeons complimented her perfect shape of the face and eyes. Han Seung Yeon confessed, “Honestly, I’ve been insecure about my eyes. Because of my thin double lids, people have told me that I look scary from time to time. But now that I’ve got the second place, I’m so happy.” 

Following Han Seung Yeon were Kang Ji Young, Goo Hara, and Nicole. The fact that Goo Hara came in the fourth place surprised everyone including members of Kara. Experts in the audience explained, “Goo Hara has a really good ration, also. And she’s beautiful, almost too beautiful. This makes her look a bit unnatural.”