[Soompi Shop] Chuseok Special: $3 Gift Certificate This Weekend

Hello all Soompiers!

Some of you are already aware that this weekend is Chuseok, one of the biggest holidays celebrated in Korea. A lot of families go back to visit their hometowns, have a great time loading up on good home made food and broadcasting stations air lots and lots of Chuseok specials.

But due to the Chuseok holiday, postal offices will be closed so all orders placed between [Friday] September 28 @12pm (KST) – [Thursday] October 4 @12pm (KST) will begin shipping on October 4. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Anyone who makes a purchase during this period will automatically receive a $3 coupon code at checkout.

Here’s a link to our very own Soompi Shop where you can buy the latest merchandises of K-Pop!

Happy Chuseok everyone!