New Girl Group Goddess Releases Debut MV “Farewell Party” + Dance Practice

With the release of their debut single today, new girl group Goddess has now revealed their music video for “Farewell Party.” 

While the song is an electronic hip-hop track, the music video features many closeups of the members along with various motorcycle action scenes.

Goddess’ four members are Yejin, Bitna, Sojeong and Eunjee. The group was created by KW Entertainment along with Def Company, which focuses on dance, vocal and rap training. The song was also made by Yang Sun Kyu, the CEO of Def Company.

According their their video description, “the name GODDESS comes from the word goddess to show how great woman are, and it also shows the group’s goal to become the best.”

Dance Practice

What did you think of their debut music video? With many groups coming out this year, do you think they will be able to stand out?