Boa is Unrecognizable as a Fallen Princess in “W Korea”

Photographs solo artist Boa featured in a photo shoot for fashion magazine “W Korea” have been released. In the photo shoot, solo artist Boa is almost unrecognizable as a fallen princess against a fantastical and sumptuous kingdom. 

The singer models shoe brand Muse which is the favorite brand of celebrities in Korea for the fashion magazine. 

Boa throws off her debut image of an innocent fresh pop princess and goes for a mature darker adult image in the photos. The concept of the photo shoot is “Gothic Fantasy” and the scenes hint at bondage and a loss of control with Boa’s blank expressions and poses. In one photograph, Boa sits in a chair with her hands behind her back, almost as if they were tied and she has decided not to fight it. In another photograph, Boa lays in an open cage her beautifully strewn behind her. 

Boa’s photo shoot will be featured in the October issue of “W Korea.’