Where in the World is 2PM?

The question on everyone’s lips is: “Where is 2PM?”  Thank goodness for stars and their love of Twitter! 

On October 7, Taecyeon (along with Chansung) uploaded a photograph with his newly debuted label mates Baek Ah Yeon and 15& with the following words: “We came to play at Inkigayo~ We’re standing all together with the babies in the waiting area~ one picture~~ kkkk.”


On October 8, Wooyoung posted a photograph of a vongole pasta dish (clams, olive oil, spaghetti) with the following words: “Ah~ It’s been a long time~ ㅠㅠ.”

On October 5, Wooyoung posted a photograph of a lighted message spelling out “2PM SEXYLADY” with the following words: “We safely went to Thailand~~ ^^ Once again, I was touched when I went to Thailand <3.” 

On October 7, Junho posted two photographs of himself at the Ginza (famous shopping area) in Tokyo, Japan with the words: “2012.10.6 GINZA STATION” and “Bingo~~.”

On October 4, Chansung posted a photograph of himself looking like a neighborhood cheeseball at the gym with the following words: “I’m tossing out a selca.  Hahaha Even though I came out looking like a very bright neighborhood stupid guy, in my own way, I’m cute.  If you keep looking at me, will you fall in love?  Um hahahahaha  I am an early morning weirdo Chansung.”

On October 5, Junsu posted a photograph with Chansung at Chansung’s new gym with the following words: “Our youngest member Chansung’s gym, GYM OPEN!!!  So many fans also came. ^^ CS-GYM do amazing! Fighting Changsung.” 

On October 6, Junsu posted a photograph of himself looking pale with the word: “Tired.” 

On October 7, Junsu posted a photograph of his adorable puppy with the words: “Audrey went to the beauty salon.”

[Author’s note: Nickkhun has not been active on Twitter since September.] 

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