New Albums And Singles Preview - 2012 October Week 1

Ga In – Talk About S (released)

01 Tinker Bell
02 Meet Her
03 Bloom
04 Attention (feat. Yoon Jong Shin)
05 Catch Me If You Can

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Ga In, who had much success with her first solo album returns once more with her second volume, “Talk About S.” This theme of this album is female dominance and confidence as shown through the five songs. The title track is “Bloom,” a song which compares women’s love with a blooming flower. It is a lively number with honest lyrics.

T-Ara – T-Ara’s Free Time In Paris & Swiss (Oct. 11)

01 Lie
02 T.T.L (Time to Love)
03 T.T.L (Listen 2)
04 Bo Peep Bo Peep
05 Like the First Time
06 I’m Hurting a Lot
07 Crazy Because of You
08 Yayaya
09 Why Are You Like This
10 Roly-Poly
11 Cry Cry
12 Lovey-Dovey
13 Day By Day
14 Sexy Love

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T-ara releases a special album this month titled, “T-ara’s Free Time In Paris & Swiss.” There are two versions to this – one for Italy and one for Paris&Swiss. Fans of the group will be able to enjoy five hundred selected cuts. Included with this photo book is a best album consisting of hits from their debut album up until now.

Gavy NJ Vol. 6-1 – Gavish (Oct. 9)

01 Introducing
02 Lady Killer
03 Loved Friend’s Friend
04 At Garosu Road (fet. Ara)
05 Cleaning (Gavy NJ & Postmen)
06 Don’t Contact Me (Feat. Le of EXID)
07 Lady Killer (INST)
08 At Garosu Road (INST)

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The queen of songs, Gavy NJ makes a comeback this fall with part one of their sixth album, “Gavish.” With an addition of two new members, the group showcases their upgraded, successful transformation. The title track is “Lady Killer,” a number composed by Min Myung Ki and penned by the leader of the group, No Shi Hyun. It is a medium-tempo rock number with lyrics about a woman’s ideal man.

10cm Vol. 2 – 2.0 (Oct. 10)

01 You and I
02 Fine Thank You and You?
03 Han River Farewell
04 Smelly Woman
05 Your Flower
06 Red Dragonfly
07 Tonight
08 So
09 Heart
10 Now. Here. Stop
11 Corona
12 Tonight (Clean Version)

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Duo, 10cm, who rose to fame with “Americano,” makes a comeback with their second album titled, “2.0.” There are twelve songs in the album with the title track being, “Fine Thank You and You.” The song starts off with a piano melody and has old pop sounds, as the duo tried to stray from their usual sounds. The group used vintage instruments and microphone in order to give off Beatles sounds of the 60’s.

Lee Hyun (single) – Countrified (released)

01 Countrified

Lee Hyun releases a goodbye single, “Countrified” before he leaves for the army. It is a sweet number with hip-hop and R&B rhythms. The song holds lyrics about a man who has fallen in love and his feelings. This track paints a story of an innocent man who doesn’t know what to do after coming across a beautiful woman.

Kim Tae Woo (single) – Cult Sidekick Project Vol. 01 (released)

01 Sad Seeing My Own Situation
02  Sad Seeing My Own Situation (INST)

2012’s top producer, Cult Sidekick, who has written hits such as Baek Ji Young’s “Good Boy” and SISTAR’s “Loving You,” joins hands with Kim Tae Woo to release the first of many songs for his upcoming project album. “Sad Seeing My Own Situation” is a groovy, R&B number with acoustic rhythms and piano melody lines. The singer’s charming, husky vocals fits the sad theme of the song well.

15& (single) – I Dream (released)

I Dream

K-Pop Star’s heroine, Park Ji Min and Star King’s heroine Baek Ye Rin have come together as 15& to sing their new single, “I Dream.” Composed by Shim Eun Ji and penned by Kim Eun Soo, the song is a pop ballad number with powerful vocals. Listeners of the song will be surprised by the skills of these two fifteen-year-olds.


Rumble Fish (single) – Eu La Cha Cha 2012 (released)

01 Eu La Cha Cha 2012
02 Eu La Cha Cha 2012 INST

Rumble Fish’s vocal, Choi Jini re-masters the band’s hit songs for an upcoming project album. The first track is “Eu La Cha Cha” and the singer gives this song a different twist by making it more lovable and sweet in terms of style. Listeners can hear the acoustic guitar and string melody, giving this track a French pop song feel.

EXID (single) – Every Night (released)

01 Every Night
02 Every Night INST

EXID releases a brand new single titled, “Every Night.” It is a Sinsadong Tiger and LE production with acoustic guitar and lyrical melodies. The song is about phone calls from a past lover every night.

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