Orange Caramel's Lizzy:

Orange Caramel‘s Lizzy shared a story about her connection with actor Yoo Seung Ho before she debuted.

On October 5, Lizzy was a guest on the radio show, “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” and was asked which celebrity crush she had before she debuted. She answered, “In middle school, before I debuted, I went to a movie theater and I saw that Yoo Seung Ho came to watch a movie with his parents.”

She continued, “But strangely, our eyes kept meeting,” and “So after I came home, I tried to find his minihompy and send him a message but he didn’t have one. I want to ask him if he remembers me that day.”

Lizzy continued, “I was wearing a silver jumper with fur lining. So if I see him later on, I really want to ask him,” and “Now I am an idol singer but I’m still curious as to why we kept meeting eyes back then.”

Lizzy shared another story about her name. “My name almost became Soon Yi or Duk Yi. Our CEO said to me, ‘A countrified name suits you well. No other idol has this kind of name so it’ll be unique.’ And he told me to make that my name.”

“So I tried really hard to convince him to make me a pretty name. In the end, I became Lizzy from ‘Yeonliji’ (which means ‘two trees fused together’),” she shared.

Meanwhile, Orange Caramel is currently promoting their first official album with the title track “Lipstick.” 

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