[Soompi Shop] FT Island Brick Figure Deluxe Box – FREE SHIPPING!

Soompi Shop is bringing an exclusive package for all FT Island fans here! This limited edition “FT Island Brick Figure Deluxe Box” comes with 5 brick figures of each individual member, electromagnetic blocking stickers, card stickers, miniature items, and postcards with printed autographs.

This special package goes on sale starting from October 10 at 12:10 AM KST. Remember, this is a FREE SHIPPING deal. But since this is a preorder sale item, all shipping will begin in late November. There are only 1,000 items available so place your order before it runs out of stock!


What is “FT ISLAND Brick Figure Deluxe Box”?

The “FT ISLAND Brick Figure Deluxe Box” is a special package produced to commemorate FT ISLAND’s 5th year anniversary.

This limited edition package will only have 1,000 copies available. Preorders will begin from October 10 at 12:10AM (KST), so hurry up and place your order before it runs out of stock!

What is a “brick figure”?

Brick figures are a collectible item that’s growing in popularity around the world. It’s made of blocks and its minimal design makes it a must-own collectible item. There have been a lot of brick figures of popular artists and musicians around the world, but only a few K-Pop musicians have produced these items so far.

Product Info:

“FT ISLAND 5th year anniversary LIMITED Brick Figure Deluxe Box Package”

Preorder Sales Details:

–       Sales period: Starts from October 10, 2012 @ 12:10AM

–       Shipping: Starts in late November 2012 (shipping will go out in order of order placement)

–       Cost: $150 USD (free shipping included)

Package Items:

–       Brick figure (5 in total)

–       Electro magnetic blocking sticker (5 in total + 1 guitar shaped sticker)

–       Card sticker (1 graphic design card, 1 member photo card)

–       Miniature item (1 mini mic, 1 mini drum stick, 3 mini guitars)

–       Signed postcards (5 postcards with each member’s printed autograph)

Special Offers:

1)     Autographed Polaroid: From the 1,000 customers (domestic and international combined), 10 lucky winners will be randomly picked to receive Polaroid photos with autographs by each FT ISLAND member.

2)     Autographed Package: The first 100 customers will win an autographed package by FT ISLAND members. The 100 winners will be picked out of both domestic and international customers, which means if the first 100 buyers come from the Korean market, none of the Soompi Shop customers will win the signed package.

3)     Winner Announcement: Winners for both events will be announced through www.ftbrick.com. Soompi Shop is not responsible for the giveaway events.


1)     This is a free shipping deal, which means all shipments will be delivered in standard small package shipping

2)     All shipping will begin in late November (we will notify individually when shipment begins)

3)     No refunds/returns allowed after 7 days of order (unless product defect is found)

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