miss A and Tasty Took a Trip to Jejudo

Recently, miss A and new idol duo Tasty took a trip to Jejudo.

On October 9, Tasty members posted a photograph of themselves with Jia on their Twitter account with the following words: “We went with Jia to the beach #Jejudo.”

On October 9, Daeryong posted a selca of himself, Soryong, and Jia on his Google+ account with the following words: “With our homegirl Jia (miss A) in Jejudo!! It’s been a while with Jia~~^^.”

On October 9, Jia posted a photograph of herself posing by the ocean and another photograph of the amazing cloud-filled sky meeting the ocean on her Instagram account. 

On October 9, Fei posted a photograph of herself, Jia, Daeryong, and Soryong, before boarding their return flight on her Twitter account with the following words: “Now we are going back to Seoul!! It’s been a while since we’ve taken a picture with Tasty.”