CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin Shows Maknae Cuteness On Drama Set

The last member to step into acting, CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin works his magic and eases his drama character’s mother with his natural charms.

The KBS weekend drama “My Daughter Seo Young-ie” was able to break into the 30% ratings just 8 episodes in, making the goal to be coined a “national drama” with 40% ratings not too far in sight. It’s worthy to note that all other members of CN Blue have participated in highly watched dramas.

Jong Yong Hwa appeared in SBS’s drama “You’re Beautiful” (2009) with Jang Geun Suk, which shot the two male actors to fame in all of Asia. Kang Min Hyuk took the role of a playboy in KBS’s “My Husband Got A Family” (2012) starring Kim Nam Joo, a beloved celebrity accepted by the ahjummas. (Author’s note: ahjummas in Korea has a strong say in which drama to watch at night) Lee Jong Hyun acted in “A Gentleman’s Dignity” (2012) with Jang Dong Geun, a highly respected actor.

Lee Jung Shin commented about his role, “I’m also a maknae at my house so I take the role of a daughter. That’s why I’m confident when it comes to aegyo.” He further went on giving thanks, “The director lately gives a lot of praises and encourages me to take chances, so it’s been rewarding.”

Soompiers, receiving a “national drama” rating is really significant in general, but even more so in the idol world because to the public eye, all idols kind of look the same after a while unless they’re really popular. The “national drama” rating means many people watch and talk about the drama and the idol will receive a larger fanbase, more recognition by the public and CF opportunities.

Because of the idol war these days, do you think it’s necessary to be a great actor as well?

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