What Is the Most Common Error in KDramas?

Can you guess what the most common error in kdramas?
Scroll through the gallery to find out what it is!

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Sighted! Camera lens and headphone jack near Shin Ha Kyun’s mouth and not the ear! Shin Hyun Joon spotted holding his phone upside down in a scene in KBS drama “Brain.”

Veteran actress Lee Hye Sook tries to keep her cool during a phone call in a scene in SBS’s “Fashion King.” However, she’s caught in the act..of acting! I spy a headphone jack and an earpiece! Do you?

Song Joong Ki was almost able to get away with his mistake had he not taken the phone off his ear in currently airingKBS series “Nice Guy.”  As shown in the second photo, you can notice the home button on top.  

A short cameo in popular drama “You Rolled in Unexpectedly,” Kim Seo Hyung was seen holding her phone upside down.

Veteran actress Sunwoo Woo Yong was also spotted holding her phone upside down in “Shut Up Family.”

It’s funny to see just how many people can forget how to do something that’s probably second nature to those living in the 21st century.  I’m not talking about holding a scalpel or anything other tool that needs to be learned and trained. My goodness, it’s holding a darn little cell phone! Interestingly, this little gadget is something we all have and probably hold on to religiously, which makes it even weirder to see these actors making such mistakes.

Continuing on the same topic of actors holding their phones upside down, here’s another batch of commonly made mistakes actors make with this handy little device.

Looks like Shin Ji Soo forgot to press the “accept” button before she started “talking” with Gong Yoo about Lee Min Jung’s whereabouts in “Big.” You can see the “accept” and “reject” buttons on the phone’s screen as the actress is busy reciting her lines.

In the last episode of “Ghost,”  this extra obviously showed everyone that she was talking to herself when she moved her cell phone from her left to right ear. 

Lee Min Jung was in the middle of an important call in “Big” when people noticed the inside of her cell phone. The camera captured the home screen with the current time, proof that she was not in the middle of a call.

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