[Ceci] Hot Hyori Rocks the ROCK LOOK With Rocks

Hyori’s ROCKS
Fashion icon of Korea, Lee Hyori transforms into a captivating rock goddess with Swarovski. From an office lady to a hip clubber, this gal knows how to keep the rock spirit alive with a single jewelry.

Take a look through the pages (by clicking on the numbers at the bottom) to see how Lee Hyori accessorizes various jewelries to achieve different looks!

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If you want to go for a powerful rock look, black is your go-to color. You can wear a black crystal and gold rimmed Octea watch and layer it with several Slack bracelets to finish the look.

(Slake Bracelet 180,000 KRW)

(Octea Watch 1,200,000 KRW)


A rebellious rock mood is always a burden! Wear a funky black knit sweater and match it up with Sue earrings and pendant. The ribbon motif is ornamented with black and white crystal and has a delicate glow. It’s great to show off to a boyfriend while on a date.

(Sue Earring 155,000 KRW)

(Sue Pendant 144,000 KRW)


If you want to channel a sensual rock mood like Madonna in the 1980s, black and gold color combination is necessary. The different crystal sizes creates a special sparkle and the black/gold color Sound necklace and ring transforms the wearer into a rock diva. Hyori’s just wearing a white shirt, but the accessories helps her become stylish.

(Sound Necklace 350,000 KRW)

(Sound Ring 220,000KRW)

(Studio Bracelet 144,000 KRW each, Bold Interval Bangle 330,000 KRW)


Lets forget about the colorful Hello Kitty. This kitty decides to be chic and wear black and grey clothes. Kitty naturally has a charming image, so she purposely dressed more tomboyish to make a bolder statement.

(Hello Kitty Gothic Pendant 405,000 KRW)

(Hello Kitty Rock Leather Bracelet 220,000 KRW each)
(Hello Kitty Rock Metal Bangle 250,000 KRW)

(Hello Kitty Gothic Earrings 260,000 KRW)


You can’t leave out bold-like crystal for an elegant rock mood. The Nirvana series is special because only Swarovski owns the particular cut. The skillful and special masterpiece sparkles to make a gorgeous finish. If you wear this at a party, you’ll be sure to be the center of all guys’ attention.

(Nirvana Pendant 203,000 KRW)

(Nirvana Necklace 650,000 KRW)

(Nirvana Earring 210,000 KRW)

(Nirvana Bracelet 240,000 KRW each)

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