Japanese Version of Girls’ Generation Draws Attention

Japan is receiving attentions in media for producing the Japanese version of Girls’ Generation.

The new girl group is named “Bikyaku Jidai (美脚時代)” and will debut on October 20.

The group will release their first single album “Perfect Imigination” on October 24 and will perform their first live stage in Akihabara on October 26.

The group released a music video on YouTube and other social networks. However, Japanese netizens returned negative responses. It was because the fans could immediately locate the likenesses of the two singer groups.

When Girls’ Generation was a big hit in Japan with “Tell me your wish,” Japanese media used to describe the group as “Bikyaku” girl group for their long legs.

It seems that Japan has already acknowledged that the newly produced group was a copycat of Girls’ Generation. The new girl group members too have model-like body figures.

Nana, the member of Bikyaku Jidai hoped for joint-live performance with Girls’ Generation. Instead of competing against each other, the group wanted to keep in harmony.

However, Japanese netizens showed discomfort towards Bikyaku Jidai. The usual responses included “They are a copycat,” “I am ashamed” and more. Some netizens poured out raw criticisms such as “This is an insult to Girls’ Generation” and “I am embarrassed.”

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