Hwang Jung Eum Looks Cute in Aikido Uniform for

New stills of Hwang Jung Eum in the new drama “Full House Take 2” were released. In the pictures she is wearing an Aikido uniform with her hair pulled back in a perm. Despite the baggy uniform Hwang Jung Eum manages to still look cute and chic. Upon seeing Hwang Jung Eum on set with her uniform the staff members voiced their admiration. “You could be an Aikido uniform model.”

Hwang Jung Eum stirred up the crew with her diligent efforts to play a character that grew up in an Aikido dojo. It is said that when Hwang Jung Eum first received her uniform she remarked happily, “It’s so pretty.”

A representative from the studio said, “Although Hwang Jung Eum is small in stature, she has good body proportions and from the beginning was able to demonstrate strength and agility. After some practice, she really did look like an Aikido instructor. The uniform matches her well.”

In the drama Hwang Jun Eum plays Jang Man Wok, a girl who loves fashion but has to wear the Aikido uniform everyday because of her grandfather’s wishes. Top idol star Lee Tae Ik (played by No Min Woo) and fellow doju member Won Kang Hwee (played by Park Ki Woong) form a love triangle with her in this bright love story.

A still from the first episode of a struggling No Min Woo having his arm pulled back by a stone faced Hwang Jung Eum raises expectations of what the story between the two of them will be like.

“Full House Take 2″ aired its pilot episode on SBS Plus yesterday, October 22. 

Full House is on SBS Plus at 12:30am Mondays through Thursdays.

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