DBSK’s Changmin: “I Want to Say that I’ve Dated Without Anyone Knowing”

Changmin, from duo DBSK, had a chance to meet up with a reporter for an interview.

# You acted in the Japanese movie “Run With the Gold” not too long ago. It must’ve been difficult acting in Japanese.
“I realized just how hard it was acting in a foreign language. I can understand a little just how incredible actors like Lee Byung Hun sunbaenim are acting in foreign languages like English. It’s hard acting in the mother tongue, but to act in a foreign language.. how hard it must have been. I filmed for the movie at the same time as our Japan arena tour. It’s embarrassing, but I would cry out of frustration if I couldn’t immerse in the acting. I gave it my all. I have no regrets because I know that I did my best at that time even if the audience might think otherwise.”

# I’m really curious how you spend your time when there are no scheduled activities.
“I do various things, but I prepare to hike the hills when the season changes to autumn. In the past, I hated when my parents would drag me to go on the hikes. But now, I think that going on those hikes are pretty.”

# This is the season for dating. Do you date?
“There’s something we would tell our hoobaes. One thing we regret about our past is that if we were more passionate during our debut days, we think that we could have been more entertaining now. (Laugh) I had my debut when I was really young and would sleep because I was so tired after working. Later, I realized that there really was a difference between friends who dated and those who didn’t. Right now at my young age, I’m able to express such feelings so I want to say that I have dated without anyone knowing. (Laugh) The company said that they’re not a matchmaker and encouraged us to date without letting anyone know. I didn’t date the first 3-4 years after my debut. I think I was crazy back then. We usually stay indoors for our dates!”

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