Interview with Song Joong Ki Part I: “Many People Told Me This Industry Is Dirty and Harsh”

Song Joong Ki had time to sit down with a reporter from Max Movie for an interview. Check out what the handsome actor has to say!

# You debuted through Director Yoo Ha’s movie “A Frozen Flower
“A Frozen Flower” is like a first love for actor Song Joong Ki. I started my acting career through this movie and I’m fortunate to have this opportunity. I can never forget acting for the first time in front of Jo In Sung sunbaenim, Joo Jin Mo sunbaenim and Director Yoo Ha. My role wasn’t big, but I was really happy when the director would give me lines.

# I’m curious to when you started enjoying the filming site
I think my personality has changed as I started acting. Actually, I think I tried to purposefully change. Even during Lee Yoon Jung PD’s drama “Triple,” I couldn’t really play in front of the camera. I really disliked that about myself so I tried to change my habits. I learned from Jo In Sung sunbaenim during “A Frozen Flower” that I should make the effort to know the names of all the staff members before I start a project. It’s because rather than saying “Hey,” it’s better manners to say “Hey, Mr./Ms.” I think I made a big effort trying to get close with the staff this way. I think that it’s not right if someone is hurt because of me and tried to enjoy memorizing the names. I did my best and with time, much of my anxiety has lessened.

# Nicolas Cage at a cockroach for the movie “Vampire’s Kiss” and Kim Myung Min lost a lot of weight for “My Love by My Side.” To what lengths do you think actors have to go for the sake of acting?
If it’s something I have to do, then I must. If I don’t do something all the way and try to find a different tactic, I would probably regret it later. Of course each actor will have a different way of immersing into character. It’s really interesting that actors will do things they strongly dislike if it’s for the sake of acting. It’s because that’s how the project and the character will be truly alive.

# Have you experienced warmth on the road as an actor?
Even though my road as an actor isn’t long, I had a lot of experiences. Many people told me that this industry is very dirty and harsh, but it’s really how one looks at it. I received so much warmth from the sunbaes ever since my debut. In that way, I’m really a fortunate actor. I’m happy to be able to work with actors with so much experience. I felt the warmth from being able to work constantly without resting since debut. I felt warmth from the fans and lately, I’m thinking much more how I can return the love back to the fans. Besides showing good acting through a good project, I’m currently pondering how I can show the fans my honest feelings. I hope that in the future, there wouldn’t be much negative talking about me and that I can only show my good sides.

# Is there a special reason to tackle various projects like movies, dramas, documentary narration, variety show MC, music program host?
I did them because I thought it would help in my acting. If given the chance, I would like to be a radio DJ. I had an offer as a radio DJ in the past, but I didn’t have much wisdom to offer to the listeners so I had to turn it down. I think that part time work is also part of acting, but it shouldn’t be of higher priority. It would be great if people can accept my learning to grow as an actor. I think that hosting a live show is is a part of acting and will help with my acting skills. That’s why I tried it. Because I think acting is the highest priority, I don’t want to switch priorities with other types of work.

# There was a period when you dreamt of being a national athlete.
It was until Junior High School years that I wanted to be a national representative in short track. It was my whole life back then, and I did feel sad after I couldn’t pursue that dream, but I’m all better now. I was able to study to get over my loss. It’s not because I was smart, but I did my best studying for the college entrance exams. I started studying because I’m competitive and refuse to give up, but it started to be fun after my grades went up. It’s because of that I was able to attend SungKyunKwan University.

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