Goo Hye Sun Has No Income, Thanks YGE for Supporting Her

Goo Hye Sun gave an honest assessment of her financial situation and expressed her appreciation to her current agency, YG Entertainment, for showing unending support.

On the October 29 episode of MBC “Come to Play,” Goo Hye Sun said, “I turn 30 next year. I’m talented in a lot of different areas, but I hear that I’m not focusing on one specific area.”

She continued, “Every time I hear that question, I always tell them, everything I do is connected to each other. I believe art and life are eventually linked to each other. But I haven’t achieved anything big yet in one special area.”

“I don’t want to confine myself in one single area. Currently, I don’t make a lot of money. My current income is zero. If money was my goal, I probably wouldn’t have tried at all. In fact, if it was for the money, it would have been better to just focus on acting,” she said.

After the show aired, Goo Hye Sun also spoke with local media Sports Seoul and showed her appreciation to YG Entertainment. She said, “I’ve been with YG Entertainment for over 10 years now. YG gives a lot of freedom. They don’t try to control me, or demand me to make more revenue. They rather provide me with a car and a manager, and feed me as well. I once wrote them a sincere email showing all my appreciation.”

She added, “Yang Min Suk, the CEO, treats me sincerely and I have a lot of trust in him. The reason I was able to work in a lot of different areas was because of the company as well. He said, ‘Even if you don’t put on a lot of makeup or dress fancy, YG will always support you.”

Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun is waiting for the release of “Peach Tree” on October 31, the second movie directed by herself.

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