Secret’s Han Sun Hwa Shows Off Her Flawless Skin

Girl group Secret’s member Han Sun Hwa showed off her beautiful skin.

On October 29, Han Sun Hwa released on twitter two photos of herself along with a message, “Many people have asked me to tweet and leave messages on my online fan café… so here I am today!”

In her selcas, Han Sun Hwa is looking at the camera with a pouty expression. Her flawless pale skin is especially noticeable in these pictures.

Netizens who saw the photos praised, “Han Sun Hwa has beautiful skin,” “Her skin looks like a perfect ceramic bowl,” “I am very much enjoying the show, ‘We Got Married.’ ”

Meanwhile, Han Sun Hwa is the pretend-wife of the ZE:A’s member Kwang Hee on the MBC’s reality show, “We Got Married.”