Lee Yoon Ji Thought She Was an Alien Because of a Strange Scar

On the latest episode of “Strong Heart“, actress Lee Yoon Ji made a surprising confession that she had once considered herself an alien as a young child – “On my ankle I have a marking that no one else has. Because of this strange scar, I was certain that there must have been something different about me from other kids.”

She then showed the audience the strange marking on her ankle. She continued, “When I look at my childhood photos, I wore my hair long and dressed differently. I always thought that one day I would be whisked away to a green planet where my real home was.”

It turns out there was a logical explanation for the scar on Lee Yoon Ji’s ankle. The scar was not a special marking of an alien race but an imprint left by a device that was strapped to Lee Yoon Ji’s ankle when she was born prematurely and had to be incubated due to respiratory complications. 

Lee Yoon Ji explained, “I was not even aware of my special case and let my imagination run wild. Now, whenever I look at my scar I think about how much my parents loved me. My mother gave me one day, the box of receipts containing the hospital bills incurred by my premature birth. When I saw it, I felt compelled to work tirelessly so I could eventually repay my parents for the debt they had to bear and take care of them for the rest of their lives.”