Han Ga In Makes a Beautiful Clown

A friend of actress Han Ga In recently took pictures of her dressed as a supposedly funky clown but the word “funky” is just not right. Rather, adjectives like “most beautiful,” “gorgeous,” or “dazzling” best describe her. 

Han Ga In’s amazing beauty is unrivaled, and she might as well carry the title of most beautiful Korean woman, as there appears to be no other Korean who possesses the same kind of physical allure. Having been spotted by talent recruiters when she was in high school, she has since been one of the most sought-after faces both in the TV commercial industry and in Korea itself. As if to serve as a testament to her prized looks, there are many Korean women who ask their plastic surgeons request to make them look more like Han Ga In.

In terms of her career, 2012 has been the most successful year. The historical drama series “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” that she starred in ended with a whopping viewer rating of 40 percent. Then, her movie “Introduction to Architecture” set a new box-office record as the highest grossing Korean melodrama.