Sexy Queen Son Dam Bi’s Comeback Teaser Photo Released

Singer Son Dam Bi (29) is returning with a new album. In the morning of November 1, news of Son Dam Bi’s fourth mini album “Tears Falling” and its teaser image were released.

In the photo is Son Dam Bi showing off her perfect legs and abs. A black see-through jacket and a pair of shorts reveal her slim yet healthy body. Her sexy gaze and expression are sure to impress her fans that have been waiting for her comeback for two years.

Son Dam Bi’s agency Pledis Entertainment stated, “As her long-awaited comeback, we have worked tirelessly on this project. We have made numerous revisions and with Son Dam Bi’s upgraded performances, we will do our best not to disappoint our fans.”

Teaser video for Son Dam Bi’s “Tears Falling” will be released soon before her official comeback.