Kim Jong Gook on Haha’s Wedding Announcement: “I’m Having a Mental Breakdown”

Singer and variety show star, Kim Jong Gook talked about one of his best friend’s wedding. He confessed having a “mental breakdown.”

He spoke with the media to celebrate releasing his latest album after 3 years. The media asked about his reaction to Haha’s wedding announcement. He commented, “Haha is a friend whom I’ve discussed marriage and life hardships with. For that friend to say that he’s going to get married- truthfully, I had a mental breakdown.”

He went on, “I’m really jealous. I’m not jealous because he’s getting married, but that he’s able to decide on getting married. That heart.”

As a member of SBS’s popular variety program “Running Man,” Kim Jong Gook mentioned, “The hyungs all say different things regarding marriage.” He explained, “Yoo Jae Suk hyungnim advised me to hurry up and get married because I’m not the playing type. He says that it might be more stable for me. On the other hand, Suk Jin hyungnim shared that I should marry as late as I can.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Gook’s 7th full album has been released today, November 1. Click here to see his music video!